Hut shop

The Halliwick Park Allotments Shed Shop is open for business on Sundays. The shop's guaranteed opening hours are from 10:00 an to 12 noon but will usually open earlier and close later.

Noticeboards on the shed shop door display information from the Allotment Association such as the newsletter, bonfire dates etc.



The shed shop sells garden essentials such as compost, bamboo canes and horse manure, all at affordable prices.


Please note that the shed shop is only for the use of Halliwick Park  Allotments tenants.

All items below - subject to availability.

Hut shop price list

Onion sets                          £1.00 per lb

Seed potatoes                     50p per lb

Canes                                 60p each

Bean nets

Weedol                               £1.40 per tube

Compost                            £5.00 per sack

Potatoes sacks                   40p each

Lime                                  £6.00 per sack

Slub pellets                        £2.00 per tube

Growmore                         £21.00 per sack

Derris Powder                   £2.50 per tube

Brushwood killer               £3.75 per packet

Copper mixture                 £3.50 per tube

Boltac bands                      £ 1.00 per box

Ground clear                     £5.00 per packet

Protection net (birds)        £1.00 per metre

Protection net (wind)        £2.00 per metre

Winter wash                      £6.00

Club root control               £4.20

Gloves leather                    £2.50

Rat poison                          80p per sachet

Sulphate of ammonia (onions)   £5.00

Derris dust                         £2.60 per tube

Copper mixture (Blight potatoes and tomatoes)   £3.50

Boltac greasebands          £1.00

Chlorophos                      £1.00

Sparyday                          £6.50

Lawn Mower Setup


The shed shop rents machinery to Halliwick Park Allotments tenants by the hour.


You can book machinery you need on the day (based on availability) or you can book them in advance.
Please note that you cannot rent machinery after 11:00AM.

Hut shop rental prices

Tiller/Rotivator          £8.00 per hour

Hand Strimmer         £5.00 per hour

Large Strimmer         £5.00 per hour

Gas Flame Gun         £10.00 per hour

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any damage caused to equipment by a hirer's misuse will be changed for.